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End of season 2015, and the news in Adina

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Výběr svatebních šatů

31. 3. 2014, 17:31

Dear Brides,

Expect to see a selection of wedding dresses, whether to rent or buy? Every one of you are different and have different taste...Wheter you want to be like a princess, a vamp-woman, or little bit sportish, stylish or to be really tender..., Everytime it is really important to know, with whom you are going to choose the wedding dress! You understand with your best friend in ALMOST everything but be aware! Do you have the same taste in dressing aswell? It happened to me for many times that friend of a bride really wanted to help with her advice, but unfortunately she reflected a little of her own style and taste or more specificaly, she adviced the bride how'd she would like to look on her own wedding. Those tastes are often different from tastes of the bride. There is nothing like a tip from a friend whom has a different opinion but knows that her friend - the bride - when she shine up in the wedding dress, simply says - Not my favourite wedding dress, but I'm not marrying, you are looking great and you are just YOU in this wedding dress!


Wheter you choose your mother, friends or our assistants in salon, listen to them, or more specificaly, let them talk, but choose by your "inner me". You have to feel, even though you are indicesive person, that THIS IS IT! Or on the other hand, everyone keeps telling you how beautiful you are in that wedding dress, but you don't feel 100 % sure about it, don't let yourself be CONVICED by them!


And one little advice for the end. Let your cameras home if you want to choose dress by pictures. One time, you have bad look on the picture, second time you have bad light. This matter can be affected by various of factors, that could make you make bad decision based only on often not very well done pictures and in the end you can discard dress in which you would be perfect only because of a bad picture. Pictures are of course important for the florist or hairdresser, but in my humble opinion, you can't choose wedding dress by photos...


Sincirely yours

Marie Novaková


End of season 2014

5. 9. 2014, 18:01

June - The busiest wedding month

11. 6. 2014, 12:34

And June is here! It is the most frequent wedding month in the hole year. When I come to work around eight o'clock in the morning, my assistants are sitting in front of the sewing machine or with needle in their hands, or standing in front of the ironing board. When I come there around 9 o'clock in the evening to bring there new flowers, the situation is the same. Like they never go to sleep. In the meantime, they serve during the wedding examination gown tens of or even more Brides and every year I wonder more and more, where they can find the nerves on in. My oldest employee is in Adina for nine year, in the meantime, she got married and I will feel really sad, when she's going to "escape" on her maternity leave and I wont hear her laugh through two floors again.


We also have behind us one VIP wedding, but beware, we can't say who! If it is a wish of our customers, not to say it, it is a "law" for us. We are so sorry about that, because it is a such a beautiful pair ( it is a sportsman and a model, we can't be more specific, you would figure it out :-) ), but the couple hold it in secret in to the last minute, so until the journalist don't figure it out, we can't show any photo at all!


The wedding expos were challenging as always, To choose the collection of dresses in the way, that the most brides would like it in the next year, choose the right colours, sizes, not to buy a lot of it (because these originals are really expensive :-/ ), not to buy less, choose wisely in order that dresses would fit good, and in order to have dresses from the most expensive to reasonable priced. My biggest experience was not when I chose dresses but when I've met Karolina Kurkova after the show and the subsequent taking of pictures by my colegue from Caxa salon, when she just wasn't able to turn on the camera, after that to find my cell phone and try to take a pictures with Karolina with it. That awkwardnes when I was just squirming (How much it would cost, those three minutes, when we are trying to smile to the camera, and nothing is happening? :-) ). But she just conducted herself like a real pro, she just started to smile a little bit less after those three desperade minutes in fornt of the nonfunctioning camera. My hand tremor when I tried to take a picture of her and my colegue Blanka caused that I took five pictures in the a second. :-)


And then there was a boar. A wild one of course. In the street of periferia of Barcelona, in bitween the tourists and buildings. They were just walking next to us and I didnt know on which tree should I jump first. But those boars were as it seemed used for tourist. There is a little contrast between those meetings, but I have to admit that I was sweating it out in both occasions!


Beuatiful June, succesful weddings to all brides and grooms!


Sincerely yours

Marie Nováková


Wedding dresses from China

28. 4. 2014, 13:10

Hot topic! Imagine a Bride who come to us, she's choosing wedding dresses for hours and hours, sometimes she pays more visits to us and she also takes a pictures. After long picking she finally chooses one model, she thanks nicely, but she leaves without reservation of wedding dress that she has chosen. Our assistant is surprised, because, all of the details she clinged has been solved. Everything was how it meant to be. After 3 months, she comes back, she holds a wedding back and in the bach she has wedding dress, similar to which she has chosen. Well... similar. the fabric is weaker, laces look cheap, manufacture seems doubful. The usual standards which are only on the originals are missing. She wants from us to iron them and clean them. We are glad to do it, but to say the truth, we are surprised. How she was challenging, all the details we solved... Are those 5 000 saved crowns worth for her to also save from her demands? I have gotten few of those non-original models in my hand and I have to say I wouldn't offer 70 % of them for free and the rest was, I have to admit, a solid imitation.


I have similar experience from servers which offers wedding dresses, presented on beautiful pictures for prices which are much lesser then prices of original renowned sellers from which we buy. But the reality is so far from the pictures presented by those servers. It is a "struggle" for every bride, whom she goes to that risk. Some of those brides has to repair them or letting them resew in the very last minute before the wedding, but for most of the times, they come to our place and ask us if we can "save" them. So fingers crossed!


Sincelery yours

Marie Nováková